Mills in Alto Aragón — harinero, aceitero


This mill is situated between Torres del Obispo and Aler and is in fact built closer to the former but still inside the latters territory. Torres del Obispo is perhaps not that easy to find because it's not on the regular tourist track. From Graus take the main road to the south and after a while turn left for Benabarre. You'll soon reach Torres del Obispo. Take left at the branch leading to the village center. Keep to this road and you'll soon leave TdO at the east side. This is the old road for Aler and Tremp. After less than 2 km there are some sharp bends where the road crosses the Barranco de Gasíño. A sand path will lead you down into the valley and to the molino.
The mill got water from the Bco de Gasíño.

Pictures: 20.VIII.2006; Map: Inst. Geográfico y Catastral, 1952

(1) Wheat mill (white arrow) and Oil mill.
(2) Façade (blue arrow indicates drain).

The corn mill of Aler is much smaller than the adjacent oil mill and is situated a level higher where the roof (or 2nd floor?) of the aceitero must have been (see pict. 1). The mill is built against the rocky base of the embalse (millpond) and apart from the outer walls everything relating to the milling business has disappeared.
There was a wide entrance — necessarily with a slope or some steps up — and next to it the drain of the cárcavo (2, 3). The tunnel (4) runs to the opposite wall where the mill stones were located (blue line in pict. 5 indicates the position of the drain).

(3) Façade: entrance and drain.
(4) Cárcavo.

(5) Workplace of wheat mill.

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