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Gabasa is situated east of Barbastro and Monzón. From each locations you can easily reach Azanúy, then Peralta de la Sal and then Gabasa. The Molino del Truco as the mill is also known is only short walk away from the road. About half a kilometer before the grave­yard at the entrance of the village a service road leaves at the right. Walk this road down — general direction is south — and after less than a 1 km you'll be at the mill.
The site is interesting because of the enormous water storage (1). The mill proper is reduced to rubble.

Pictures: 15.XI.2008

(1) Embalse built with big stones.

(2) Lake narrows to the cubo
(3) Cubo with smooth walls

(4) Reservoir with mill hidden below ivy.
(5) The mill belonged to Casa Truco.

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