Mills in Altoaragón - batán


Larrés lies just north from Sabiñánigo.
Walk from the grave-yard down to the Río Aurín. Follow the dirt-road to the south, cross the pastures: the mills are on the right bank close to the hill-foot. Both are in ruins.

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Río Aurín with path down to the new mill. The remains of the new mill.
We must trust Pallaruelo where he is telling us that this mill was a batán. The decline of batanes started already in the 17th century. Only very few (probably less than five) were functioning until the beginning of the 20th century. There is almost no trace left, not even from the one in Lacort which was closed down in the seventies. The last wall of the old mill is probably down already. Between the walls only rubbish.
The embalse (water reservoir) on the contrary is in good shape: thick walls reinforced with buttresses on the valley-side. The canals (visible on both pictures) are unmistakenly kept in repair: they are part of the irrigation system.
overview of the new mill Arc over the outlet of the new mill
The embalse is a nice and solid piece of work. The old mill ready to collapse.

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