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Los Molinos

Los Molinos is probably most easily reached from L'Ainsa. Take the main road to Campo and in Arro turn left where both Los Molinos and the Monasterio de San Victorián are sign­posted. Take care because it's a narrow road with many bends. When you reach the first houses of the village, look out for the information panel at the start of the path leading to the mill which is only a short walk away.

Pictures: 2.XI.2011, 13.IV.2014

(10) The mill in the Barranco o Trucho — 2014

(11) Embalse — 20.VIII.2013
When we first visited this mill in 2011 the embalse (11) was hidden below trees and shrubs and it was almost impossible to appreciate its size and boun­daries. The situation changed dramatically because of the restoration. Like most mill ponds in the region (see Samper, Fuendecampo, Buetas) this one is built large and contained between solid stone walls.

The cárcavo opens with a rather low arch which is slightly pointed. The mouth in earlier times may have been much more open: the south facing wall shows traces of a much bigger blind arch.

The cárcavo, though not very wide, offers just enough space for two wheels (12). The one moving the older stones was gone and only a fraction of the axle was idly hanging from the roof.
The remaining wheel was made from wood strength­ened with an iron belt and fitted to a very nice wooden axle (arbol). What could be saved is now on show next to the mill stones inside. The replacement leaves much to desire.

(12) Cárcavo with wooden wheel and room for one more — 2011
(13) The replacement wheel and botana are not very convincing — 2014

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