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Olsón and certainly the mill is not that easily to find. From the main road between L'Ainsa and Barbastro turn to Lamata in Mesón de Ligüerre de Cinca. Follow the narrow road for quite some time and turn right just before Olsón where Mondot is signposted. The road goes down the bridge. Walk stream down from the bridge until you find a track uphill and at a certain distance parallel with the river. After some time you'll pass next to the Fuen Calién. Now you can a) work your way to the river and follow the bank until you reach the mill, or b) stick to the road which will bring you to the river-bed and the mill eventually.

Pictures: 03.I.2002

Mill in the valley of the Río Susía The lower part close to the river is the mill proper

The mill is now a second residence. It's clear that the mill proper was less cared for than the living quarters. Everything was locked up so I couldn't check inside, but as both cárcavo's were empty, I'm not very optimistic about the machinery.

Water was not taken from the river. As far as I understand after our ramble in the surroundings the mill had two suppliers. One was probably the Fuen Calién, the other the small baranco coming from the hills behind the mill. Water surely was never abundant.

The entrance is on the lowest floor in fact already in the riverbed near the ford where the earthen road crosses the river. One of the door stones features an inscription. I read it as T P.

The cárcavo's discharge into the river. You'll find them few steps away from the door, empty. One cárcavo, closed with brick-work and a door, probably served as a cellar and is now flooded. The second cárcavo is still open and dry.

The front door
Inscriptions next to the entrance Two cárcavo's
Left cárcavo Right cárcavo
Read more about the Fuen Calién in

Fuentes minero-medicinales
de la provincia de Huesca

by Pablo Saz Peiró - 1992
Ed. Instituto de Estudios Altoaragoneses
(Diputación de Huesca)
I.S.B.N. 84-86856-74-4

Old electricity cabin nearby

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