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Sarsa de Surta

Sarsa de Surta is a village in the Sobrarbe municipality. From L'Ainsa take the A-2205 towards Guaso and Bárcabo. Past Arcusa (about 20 km) turn right where Sarsa and the Parque Natural de Guara are signposted. Follow the narrow road until you reach the small parking space with some information panels about the site. The mill is on the other side of the river, the río Vero (1).

Pictures: 31.xii.1994, 22.i.2022

(23) — 1994

The dam was situated almost 400 m upstream of the mill. The easiest way to reach the spot is to walk along the road in the direction of Las Bellostas and look for the remains of the canal (27).
The dam, which was built in the mid 1940s after several earlier azuds were swept away, was, in turn, destroyed by a torrential flood of the river in the night of the 4th of July 2001 ().

(24) The dam before the torrential flood of 2001 — 1994

(25) — 1994

(26) Notice that the dam is gone — 2022

(27) The first meters of the canal are built on the rock — 2022

(28) The start of the canal — 2022.
(29) A flushing outlet a few meters further down;
notice the slot for a sliding door;
the holes (30) for a fence — 1994

(30) — 2022.

Valenzuela Recia, Javier — 2001 — Museo Etnológico Molino de Pedro Buil.
Tierra Bucho (6)11: p. 3–33.


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