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Benefits of a traffic sign collection

Traffic sign collecting is probably the only hobby not interfering with your family obligations or your commitment to your boss.
Remember every one ducking away for that business trip to Bolivia, Tibet or Gabon? Not you any more. Every business trip is a golden opportunity to enrich your collection, without cost. The company is happy to pay. Your popularity among colleagues rises.
Warning: be carefull to protest from time to time to prevent suspicion.

Remember all those horrible sunday afternoons. Just preparing to pamper your stamps, and there is your wife asking to visit aunt Willy. Nowadays, she appreciates your renewed love for Willy and the ever different scenic drive too her home.

Traffic sign collecting reduces stress and adds to your self-confidence
In modern society, one must be a winner. Second best is losing. Now You can be the winner.
Take your chance: only a wel-considered choice is needed to become an esteemed expert in, say, cattle signs in Namibia. Enjoy the sweet feeling of managing the best collection on the subject.

Most collections have the tragic inconvenience of incompleteness; hence the ever hurried gastric ulcer. Most collections have also the tragic of completeness: Your boxes show every palearctic butterfly species. Good, and now? Observe how small beetles eat them? A road sign collection will very unlikely suffer from either discomfort: it is impossible to know what, nor if something, is missing. Why bother?

Contrary to most collections, a traffic sign collection is absolutely invaluable. Yet you can not buy, nor sell: the perfect money stress vaccine. Keeps your family budget in balance too.

Traffic sign collecting adds to the safety on the road
It is not unusual that, during long stretches, passengers and driver doze off in lethargy: the vehicle is on its own. It is also a very well known challenge to keep children quiet during drives beyond half an hour. After that time most adults pay more attention to the nerve-racking children than to the road.

I know by experience that a vehicle containing at least one traffic sign collector, never dozes away. Everybody scans the road side and tension hopefully rises with every suspicious spot on the horizon. The lively discussions on such occasions keep the car-atmosphere light and enjoyable. Because the subject is not about politics or money, children can join in the deliberation. Such a car will very unlikely miss a sign-post or a give-way sign.

    Added value
  • Children will learn about important traffic signs almost without effort.
  • Everybody will learn to observe in more detail.

I have a traffic sign collection surpasses Do You have a match?
Dump the old weather, tele and cigarette conversation openers. 'I have a traffic sign collection' is the best starter for a splashing performance. If you are new to road sign collecting you can first try it out while on the road and in a less direct manner (Did you see this worker? It seems they have new panels now.) The direct statement is nevertheless the better way to catch everybody's attention.

I must admit many people don't know very well how to react on this confession. Question marks in the eyes and doubtful about your mental stability. Use this to your advantage during meetings: they will judge you not very dangerous. In most other occasions it depends on your fluency and enthousiasm whether you become the butt or the star.

Warning: don't mention your collection during job interviews. Grey persons are in the lead here.

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