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Arrés is easily reached from Jaca. Take the main road to Pamplona. After about 20 km where the road bends right over the bridge (Puente La Reina de Sta Cilia de Jaca), don't turn but continue straight-on towards Huesca. Almost immediately there-after Arrés is signposted. Follow the narrow road for about 3 kms until you notice a patch of trees not too far away to the right. It's before you'll reach the farm houses and the bend towards the village. The mill is in fact two : a harinero, muy ruinoso, and a powerstation with lots of interesting stuff. The mill gets water from the Río Aragón.

Pictures: 17.VIII.2003

(1) The harinero
The corn mill is the most degraded part of the construction. The roof came down, the ceiling was barely held up by some worm infested poles and the floor didn't look very trustworthy either.

The milling station is situated in a corner of one disproportionally big room. Because the place features two doors leading outside, I think that the place originally could have been divided in two parts, each with its own entrance.

The mill proper features one seat with two stones covered by an octagonal guardapolvo.

(2) Workplace of the flour mill
(3) Milling seat with one pair of stones

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