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Bernués is a village situated in the Jacetania region south of Jaca. From Jaca take the A-1205 to Santa María de la Peña. The road is narrow and winding and it will take you nearly an hour for the 28 km to Bernués. After a sharp turn to the right the village will turn up in the distance and a bit further on You will find Jacetania and San Juan de la Peña sign­posted. At the same spot at the other side of the road a track leads down to the Ermita de San Alejandro and to the mill. Drop your vehicle and walk the trail.

Pictures: 03.I.2013

The second mill is built on the restitution channel (20) of the first mill. The drainage could be held up at the second mill and in this way a small pond was formed with enough water for it to run for some time. For the second mill and its water supply the more the better was certainly true and the miller would try to get, and keep, the highest possible level. That explains why the turbines of the 1st mill are installed so high: they should always be above this level or they would stop working.
The workplace is invaded by trees and nothing remains of the former business. Nearby a runner stone (24) is half buried in the earth and that is all. The stone with its diameter of 120 cm is just a trifle smaller than most other stones in the region.

The cárcavo (22, 23) is empty but still in rather good shape. Part of the backside fell down. The opening is large enough for someone to pass through and have a look at the cutaway for the saetín (21).

(20) Drain of the 1st and supply of the 2nd mill
(21) Saetín (inlet)

(22) Cárcavo

(23) Mouth of the cárcavo

(24) Runner stone ∅ 120 cm
(25) Dressing furrows

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