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Children's Crossing Signs in Chile

Valparaiso, 19.XII.2015; pict. A. Klaver

Atacama, 1993

These children have to endure the very same educational methods which we commented in Costa Rica. The metho­dology is clearly winning popularity. The same design (the same posture, the exagerated brains) is now found in South-America all over.

Puerto Natales, VIII.1996

Take a closer look at the right person's suitcase. Did you notice? It's not a bookbag. This man is carrying a plank — It may even be the school's blackboard? And he must be very strong, because he manages the thing with one arm only.

Atacama, Sierra Gorda, 1993

A refreshing scene in comparison with the static of the other panels. It's interesting to take a look at the drawing of a similar situation in Ontario - Canada. The boy there is chasing the dot. Our player here is much more at ease.

Our page about Australia gives a short overview of the allowed speed in other countries.

San Pedro de Atacama, I.2009; pict. S. Coenen

We had already Falling Rock Signs without a rock. And now we have a text-only Children's Crossing Sign also. The text says Halt - Children.

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