Children's crossing in Spitsbergen

Longyearbyen, 31.VII.2002 Barentsburg, 30.VII.2002
Longyearbyen, 31.VII.2002    
A road-sign collector's dream: a very nice design, a bit static, but drawn with much detail. Look f.e. at the hair dress (Monsieur Jean is eager to try the same out in his salon), the face and the hand.
The place may be remote, but that's no reason to become sloppy in our road signs, the Sysselman probably ordered.

Svalbard road signs are direct import from main land Norway.

  First, I was a bit disappointed when it came out that the warning signs near the school of the Russian settlement Barentsburg and those from Longyearbyen were identical. I considered it a clear example of the way of least effort. But then it dawned upon me. Imagine they had taken the Russian design! that would have been really disastrous.

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