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Men at Work signs found in Libya

Tripoli, iv.2006; pict. H. De Meyer

This looks like one of the results of chancelor Schröder's mission to the country. We recognize one of the older German workers. Though he is looking to the other side (current practice in politics). It is fortunate that, for once, not the featureless modern button-head was chosen for export.

Do I need to repeat that a cap is not safe enough? See Bartolomeo's Best Practices

I'm wondering what in the (probably secret) production process makes it necessary to cut the poor guy in so many different pieces. Many countries don't need the grooves. They occur in some older designs (e.g. Madeira, Portugal) but are most common in modern match-stick designs (e.g. Lithuania). Is it to save on raw material? Then, why not hollow him out? What a lost chance for cheaper production.

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