Falling Rocks in Uzbekistan

All pictures: Samarkand -> Sjachrisabz, VII.2004; pict. Vanacker & Kesteleyn
We have now samples from several countries budded from the old Sovjet Empire and a pattern is emerging, I think. All stick more or less to the same drawing for the children's and worker's signs, but that's not true for the falling rocks. Could it be that party officials consider falling rock signs of lesser importance, not worth controlling? Four signs from Uzbekistan, each of them endemic. Check it out via our page with boulder counts (hint: take only the 5, 6 and 7 rock countries). Most countries are using five or six boulders, Uzbekistan took one more. They have probably more than enough in that part of the world (doesn't seem to be true with paint though).
One of the finds shows a faint resemblance with a rocksign found in Hong-Kong. The relative positions of the individual boulders are very similar. Not so the shape, nor the cliff.

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