Mills in Alto Aragón — molino aceitero

Las Almunias de Rodellar

Las Almunias de Rodellar lies south from Rodellar, one of the hot spots in the Sierra de Guara. From Barbastro take the road to Castillazuelo and then Bierge where you turn right for Rodellar. Be careful in the numerous curves; during the summer months watch out for overheated French people. Leave the car in Almunias and walk the road down to Pedruel. Take the path to the left when you reach the river after about one km. Continue your walk looking to the left for some small constructions at the base of the hill. The rusty press gives the molino away.
The mill takes its water from the Río Alcanadre.

Pictures: III.2000

(1) The mill with Pedruel in the background.

(2) At left the storage for olives waiting to be processed; at right barely visible the top of the screw of the press.

(3) Tiled vessel at the foot of the press
The mill is very ruinoso. The roof is gone and everything between the walls is overgrown with bramble and thorny bushes. Working our way through we found the rusty prensa (4, arrow) standing next to an oil-pit. The press is of the same kind as the one found in Mipanas: in metal and with a screw.

We saw the same kind of tiled containers (3) in several other mills (e.g. Centenera, Troncedo, Calasanz and in the aceitero in the village center of Alquézar). The tiles are either white or red, I've never seen any different.

The fresh olives waiting to be processed were kept in two (maybe three) containers, algorín (2, 5), built against the inner wall right from the entrance. In some mills custom was that in order to signal who supplied the olives a tile was affixed to the algorín or on the wall above the container (e.g. Castilsabás).

(4) Interior of the mill;
the arrow points to the top of the press.
(5) Containers where the fresh olives
were kept waiting to be processed.

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