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Las Almunias de Rodellar

Las Almunias de Rodellar lies south from Rodellar, one of the hot spots in the Sierra de Guara. From Barbastro take the road to Castillazuelo and then Bierge where you turn right for Rodellar. Be careful on the narrow serpentine road and watch out for overheated French people during summer.
Leave the car in Almunias and walk the dirt road down to Pedruel. Take the path to the left when you reach the river after about one km. Continue your walk looking left for some small constructions at the base of the hill: one is the oil mill. Still walking downstream watch for a isolated bigger house at the hillfoot.
The mill takes water from the Río Alcanadre.

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mill in the landscape front wall
The flour mill is in remarkable good condition.
Only part of the roof above the power station collapsed. The workplace is clean and ready for the next customer.
The mill has several things in common with Torrolluala del Obico. The organization of the workplace is about the same. Both mills have a wide open cárcavo and both show a wooden rodete (wheel)
Interior of the harinero
We recognize a nice tolva, the cabra, the control of the levador and very interesting also the farinal: the box where the fresh flour was collected. Even the cruz mounted on the farinal and used to ease the filling of the sacs is still there. (Visit Humo de muro for another farinal with cruz)

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The guardapolvo is octangular as in Yésero. Most guardapolvos are circular.

Attached at the front panel of the guardapolvos is an important tool. It is a small board with two different holes: a small one for the thumb and the other for the fingers. The miller used this tool (named ensacadera) to take part of the flour as his payment.
The powergenerator

The central eléctrica had a turbine. The wheel in the center of the picture regulated the valve. The room is empty apart from a small generator and an antique switch board.

The power station was in use until 1982. Then a november flood forced the engine to a permanent stop. The last molinero was Pascual Mayral. (information supplied by Ch. Mérigot)
power generator switchboard
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