Mills in Alto Aragón
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Guaso is easily reached from L'Ainsa where you start at the signpost pointing to Guaso. You'll leave the village, cross the Río Ena and then reach a bunch of houses at the foot of a higher plateau. Turn right towards the Río Ara. The road is becoming narrow, runs straight-on and then takes a sharp turn to the left. Shortly thereafter a branch to the right will bring you down into the riverplains. Time to drop the car. Follow the road and you'll soon find the markings of the local PR-walking circuit. Follow this path to the West and You'll long the irrigation and drainage channels and first encounter the Batán, then the new powerstation and eventually the main building.

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waterworks main site batán (fulling mill)


Fulling mills died much earlier than the other mills —they couldn't convert into another viable business like the wheat mills— and therefore almost all have disappeared a long time ago.

The batán of Lacort was ultimately preserved (almost too late, not much of the original parts were saved) and relocated to Fiscal.

The batán of Guaso is reduced to nothing more than a couple of walls. The largest wall is parallel with the waterflow which is typical for a fulling mill. Contrary to other mills in the region, a fulling mill uses a vertical wheel running on an axle through the wall (see Lacort).

waterworks main site batán (fulling mill)

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