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Solanilla, or Solaniella on some recent maps, though remote nowadays is not too difficult to reach. Take the main road between Boltaña and Lanave where near the Molino Escartín Aineto is signposted. From Aineto —though I prefer the walk— it is possible to continue by car to Solanilla.
The molino is situated less than a kilometer away from the village. From the church (south of the village) follow the path leading to the west into the valley. After about half a kilometer you should get at the river near the start of the canal. It may be necessary to walk a bit hence and forth to find the exact spot. From there follow the channel and after less than 400 m you'll come at the mill. The mill is built on the Barranco Ricau.

Pictures: 23.III.2008

(1) Overview of the site: mill with pool;
wall of mill pond in background
(12) Stone at the front door: year 1840

The entrance of the mill (see also top right) is rather wide and features a wooden door of recent make (14). Outside at medium height of the door post is a stone with Año 1840 (12) carved. That is quite old.
The inside is relatively clean like suggesting that people come here to pass the night sometimes. One couple of stones rests close to the door. I couldn't find anything of the normal stuff like a dustcover or funnel. They are probably burnt in the fireplace at the back of the room (13).

(15) Mill stone — ∅ = 130cm
(16) Windowframe from millstone fragments
The top milling stone features a large cross (15). The diameter measures 130cm which is a pretty common size.
A narrow window slit (16) throws some light over the workplace. The frame is built with fragments of a milling stone. They could well form the other half of the stone outside next to the door (17). We recognize the same ridges.

(17) Old mill stone — ∅ = 115cm
(18) Old mill stone on the slope below the pond

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