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Torrolluala del Obico

Torrolluala del Obico is situated near the Puerto del Serrablo. Take the main road between Boltaña and Lanave and leave the car at the parking plot where the path to Torrolluala is indicated. Just follow the sand and stone track and after a healthy walk you'll reach the branch to the abandoned village. Keep to the other branch which will bring you down into the valley of the Barranco de San Juan. There will be a smaller track branching to the left which leads to the water. Cross the rivulet and walk the path against the current. The watermill is nearby.

Alternatively, switch track when you come at the sign which shows the path to Morcat. It runs next to the azud from where the mill is only a few steps away.

(2) Torrolluala del Obico: the mill still in perfect condition — 1995.

The mill is situated in a meander of the Barranco de San Juan which is a tributary of the Río Isuala. The dam (11: black arrows; 12: left) is a rather unorderly heap of stones and most of the water presently seeps through. Still, the dam holds enough water to create a long and deep reservoir (11: blue arrow). The canal starts at the left bank (11: white arrow; 12 right) runs for a few meters and is then cut. It is possible to rejoin it further on and to trace it until it reaches the mill.
The canal opens into the embalse (13) which is shallow and simply contained by soft earthen slopes. It lies high against one wall of the mill. The outlet (saetín) is situated level with the top of the walls. Notice: in 1995 the roof was still intact.

Some effort is required to reach the cárcavo at the other side. The situation hasn't deteriorated as badly as the workplace, but time is running out here also.

(11) dam with embalse
(12) start of the canal

(13) inlet (saetín) in 1995
(14) cárcavo in 2010

The cárcavo (14) is a fine piece of work. It is wide open with an asymmetric double arch (16). The wheel (rodete, 15) was fallen to bits in 1995 already, but the scoopes could still be seen. They are lost now.
The botana with its valve is still in good shape and the rod to manage the distance between the stones (levador) also. The roof of the cárcavo hangs dangerously low and finding the milling stones on the floor really soon won't surprise me.

(15) cárcavo in 1995
(16) arch of the drain

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