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Children's crossing in the Czech Republic

Loket, 18.VIII.2007; pict. H. De Meyer Morina, 1997; pict. F. van Espen
When I saw these pictures for the first time, I heard laughter and children's voices happily tinkling.

A second look brought me back to earth and learned me how bitterly wrong a first impression can be.
Let's have a closer look at the pictures.

Netolice (1997); pict. F. Van Espen Morina (1997); pict. F. Van Espen
Take the first panel where an oversized baby boy is kicking at a girl. She waits defence­less, her legs trembling. She's more like a doll than a human being. The second panel shows the boy several years later as a grown up. He has still the same habit with the girl: he sees her as a toy.
The girl shows the first signs of a wavering defence or a try to escape. I think she must be crying.
Karlstejn (1997); pict. F. Van Espen Loket, 18.VIII.2007; pict. H. De Meyer
And even on this third panel I'm not sure we can trust the boy. I tell you: it is only a matter of seconds before he kicks her in the back. See that we couldn't trust him? He's grown up and he's falling back into the behaviour of his earliest years. His parents probably don't give him enough attention.

We have more examples of disgusting behaviour in Nepal and on the Azores.

Although not exactly a warning sign, I included this panel because of the striking contrast with the preceding items.

Visit Hungary for another father with daughter.

Spindleruv Mlýn (1997)
It's with mixed feelings that I give some space to this new find. Compared with the top row it's a vast improvement in behaviour towards women. The situation was probably that bad that parents couldn't look away anymore. From now on the girl guides the - suddenly sheepish - boy. I don't trust him; he is pretending.

Notice that the design is pure German.
We've seen this couple in Luxembourg as well. It looks like Germany is quietly trying to get hold of European road signage. Now that really is alarming; it would mean the end of road sign collecting.

Pelhrimov, V.2002; pict. H. De Meyer

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