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Men at Work Signs found in France

1992 onward
The French worker approved by Monsieur le Président.
You can find him everywhere in great numbers. The shaft of his spade has a crack. He cannot dig with that thing. We witness an unfortunate decline in roadsign design. Other pictures on this page show how nice the French signs once were.
Rogny les 7 Ecluses, VII.2002;
pict. P. De Priester
Gien, 30.IV.2004;
pict. P. De Priester
In spite of standardisation, sometimes a non-ISO worker leaves the factory. From a collector's viewpoint, it can't happen often enough. But it is sloppy work all together: look at the body proportions.

Monbazon, XII.1992
L'homme de Montbazon was discovered during the succesful 1992 expedition. It is still the only observation. Very good detail in the drawing of the man. The heaps need some more attention though.
Etsaut, XII.1992
L'homme d'Alençon named after the city where he was seen for the first time. At this occasion we couldn't add him to our collection. We thought he was lost for science forever. How fortunate that we stumbled upon him a second time in Etsaut in the French Pyrenees.

Nogent s Vernisson, X.2002;
pict. P. De Priester
Alençon, XII.1994
Variations based on L'homme d'Alençon. Notice how the third panel mixes old (drawn with much detail) and new (one heap only) features.
Dijon, V.1999;
pict. Baeten & De Dier
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