Men at Work in South-Africa

Seven thousand kilometers (the 1997-campaign was not for ladies) and only yielding two different workmen: it is difficult to stay enthousiastic. Thank goodness I had studied the tips to start your own collection.

The old signs (e.g. Knysna) do belong to the UK-group (see Great Britain, Iran, Namibia), but show some small differences:
1) the blade of the spade is visible
2) the man never wears wellingtons.

VII.1994 Swaziland, V.1997;
pict. M. Plessers
many places VII.1997 Knysna VII.1997

The design of modern sign shifts away from modern versions in the UK-group, and comes now close to the German worker but sticks to the two peculiarities. (The German worker sticks his spade much deeper in the heap.)

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