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Children's Crossing Signs in South-Africa

many places, VII.1994
many places, XI.1999; pict. E. Martens

South-Africa is in several aspects an interesting country. It is here that the southern African way of doing with the girl who takes the lead (see Zimbabwe), comes together with the design of Great-Britain where the queen in the person of the sturdy girl, knows the way.

The old drawing which is rapidly being replaced existed in two versions. On the best drawing, probably the oldest one, both pupils have a face and the boy wears shorts. Face and shorts were dropped later on, and after that the skoliere meta­morphosed in their present-day appearance — which is still not that bad compared with the situation in the former communist block (e.g. Russia).

There is interesting point when we compare the old with the new sign. The girl walks in front on both old and new versions! This is remarkable, because when a modern version of a Children's Crossing Sign is introduced then the children almost without exception swap positions (see f.e. Spain, Italy, Iceland, France).

This swap didn't happen in South-Africa.

Take France for example. On old panels there, the boy is behind the girl and keeps her on the pavement. Both change position on new signs: now he guides her onto the road.

: Skool = School; Skoliere = Scholars, pupils
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