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Espés bajo

Espés bajo nowadays is easily reached from the main road between Castejón de Sos and Pont de Suert. Coming from Castejón You'll first have to negotiate the Collado de Fades (almost 1500 m) and then look out for the branch towards Abella and Espés. Do not enter the village of Espés bajo, but instead take the road down into the valley. At some point the GR crosses the road. Follow this markings to the west and You will soon arrive at the mill. In the likely case that You miss the GR drive the narrow road down to the river crossing. You can now walk along the river against the current and will soon find the mill. The mill taps water from the Barranco de Espés.

Pictures: 16.VIII.2007

(10) Mill seen from the river- front
(19) Some idle insulators

(20) Turbine with belt to generator
It wasn't easy to get good shots of the part of the mill that houses the power generator. At the backside we had to manoeuvre above the abyss to capture the turbine and the dynamo from above (20, 21). The control panel was only visible from a distance and through a hole in the wall.

The turbine is mounted in the space between both mills and above the cárcavo (see 7,8). It looks like both mill and powerstation were powered by the same turbine. The pipes in the cárcavo are telling us about a second turbine situated behind the wall or perhaps removed.

(21, 22) dynamo with some belts, old wiring and a regulator switch

(23) Control panel
The generator is rather small and reminds me of the one we found in Centenera —with a power output of 0.3KW.

A simple control panel is mounted against the wall. There is a switch at the bottom. It further features a voltmeter (left) an ampère meter and two fuses to secure the circuit.

Below the panel is a cage with a regulator switch with many positions. We've seen similar ones in other mills (e.g. Aineto, Arrés).

Pitty I couldn't get the tags clear enough to read them.

(24) Regulator
(25) Fuses to protect the circuit

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