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Espés bajo

Espés bajo nowadays is easily reached from the main road between Castejón de Sos and Pont de Suert. Coming from Castejón You'll first have to negotiate the Collado de Fades (almost 1500 m) and then look out for the branch towards Abella and Espés. Do not enter the village of Espés bajo, but instead take the road down into the valley. At some point the GR crosses the road. Follow this markings to the west and You will soon arrive at the mill. In the likely case that You miss the GR drive the narrow road down to the river crossing. You can now walk along the river against the current and will soon find the mill. The mill taps water from the Barranco de Espés.

Pictures: 16.VIII.2007

(10) Mill seen from the river - front
We discern three parts in the construction. Leftmost is the powerstation which protrudes towards the river. This division is lower than the flourmill in the middle. The rightmost section with the corrugated roof actually is used as a (cattle?) shed.

You first enter the shed through the steps in the middle before You'll find the entrance to the wheat mill (11). It is a solid door flanked with parts of milling stones. Scan the walls of the shed and You'll find more recycled stones.

(11) Entrance of the mill
(12) recycling milling stones
(13) interior of the harinero

The door is locked but there is an opening at the top. This together with the windows makes it possi­ble to get a good view on what's left of former times.
There is one milling unit in very good condition. All the essentials are still present: a tolva, the guarda­polvo; grua with cabra and a farinal (13-15; see The workplace of a flourmill).
The whole construction rests on a hurst frame (13) in order to make place for the cog-wheels driven by a turbine (16). But that was perhaps not the only way to run the mill.

There is an opening in the wall (18) through which a pinion and a belt-wheel can be seen. At the outside more parts of machinery lie scattered between beams and tiles (17). I think this was an engine room and the mill in its last years was probably powered by gasoil instead of water.

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