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Children's crossing in Southern Africa

Namibia Botswana and South-Africa Zimbabwe
Swakopmund (1995) Several places (1994) Near Victoria Falls (1994)
Zimbabwe stands out because the girl keeps her brother (is he?) off the road. In the other countries she drags the boy on to the highway. A clear sign that early France and Spain were right to let the boy guide the girl. The biggest person protects the little one: the usual case. But here in southern Africa, the girl is in control.
As demonstrated by Zimbabwe, it has nothing to do with one artist deviating from the rules. Ha!, that's easy then: it had to be rooted in a matriarchal society. But later finds in Finland, Great Britain, Egypt and Iceland and the existence of a UK-family of roadsigns show the need for further research into why the female takes the responsability.

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