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Men at Work in Turkey

Aspandos, IV.2000;
pict. L. Bouters
Bodrum, X.2003;
pict. M. Tailly
Kirklareli, 11.VI.2009;
pict. J. Koelstra
France, 1992
Surprisingly close to our Man from Alençon in France and a man from Ara in northern Spain. We note the pose in general and several similar features : sleeves rolled up, detailed face and shoes. Some differences though. The smallest heap is a bit higher in Turkey. The men from France are a bit more muscular than the Turkish worker being either at the point of developing a nice spread or being underfed.
Bodrum, X.2003; pict. M. Tailly Bodrum, X.2003; pict. M. Tailly Kayseri, IX.2003; pict. A. Anselin
Did I tell you about the blue skies and the warm breeze and the bright sun ? The birds whistling happy tunes ? I told you before: Road signs may bring you the happiest hours in your life (from Start your own collection).
A complete new design : a man using a pick-axe. All other finds feature men working with a spade, a shovel, or their bare hands. Would that mean that a foreman, having both versions in his truck, chooses the warning sign to fit the work at hand ? He probably just takes the one that lies on top.
The modern match-stick worker is spreading rapidly around the Mediterranean Sea. Realizing this, the happy tunes abruptly turn sad.
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