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Children's crossing in Denmark

Denmark, 1996; pict. P. Meire Nykopingen, VIII.2005;
pict. B. Hoeyberghs
This sign is craftsmanship without any compromise.
It makes us forget the shapeless creatures in many countries. (Visit Argentina for probably the other extreme.)

Look at the legs; observe the anklets, the waist, the neck, the hair-dress. You may have seen that in other countries (e.g. France, or Chile), I must agree, but do not overlook the book-bag with handle. Elsewhere, children leave home empty-handed, or with a rectangle (even in Madagascar known for very lively panels).

Find some other nicely detailed designs in Great Britain, Nepal and Croatia where we've found a girl with the same hairstyle.

  Denmark, as a modern country, couldn't stay behind. It's therefore hardly a surprise that a redesign of the nice old-fashioned panels was ordered; unfortunately to someone without taste, nor mercy. It was the cheapest offer, for sure.

Read more about this drawing at our page about the Faeroe Islands. The children there, at least, are provided with a neck!

Copenhagen, 1997
I've found this panel at the entrance of a schoolbuilding. It's not an official roadsign, but what strikes me is that none of the local drawings was used. Instead children from Great-Britain were chosen, but mirrored to reflect the different driving habits.

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