Children's crossing in Croatia

Motovun (Istria), III.2006; pict. C. Veillon Zagreb, V.2000; pict. L. Pasalic
Situated far enough from Zagreb to be forgotten en left in peace this roadsign really is a gem. At least considering the craftmanship of the drawing and the girl's hairstyle which we've noticed also in Denmark. Although the usual The girl is kept safe from the traffic by her caring older brother could apply, this roadsign makes me feel ill at ease. It's a bit like in the Czech Republic where the hidden terror only surfaces with a second look.

Let's start with the girl. Did you notice that she is holding her hand up ? She is begging for something, or trying to reach for her favoured street-dog. And the boy is holding her back.

The boy is rather weird. Look at him. He wears a cap of a certain type. Caps in other countries are much more boyish (e.g. Alaska, Austria). He's not looking at the girl. His strong chin is staring at the horizon. He could be wearing a dust-coat (see Trinidad) but I'm rather inclined towards a tightly buckled uniform jacket. Probably an junior undercover agent trying to pose as a schoolboy. Hence the bare legs.

  The modern children seem to look all identical to each other and (not exactly surprising) to their neighbours in Slovenia where we discuss the panel in more detail.
It strikes me that we have found many different types of men at work from Croatia. It's probably much easier to reshape children than an old grumpy work force.
I won't spend many words on this one: import straight from Germany.
All roadsigns from Croatia come from — or are inspired by — Germany.
Bilje (Slavonia), VII.2007; pict. De Knijf & Demolder

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